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We design and develop custom software applications.

Who we are

Our range of services consisting of IT & strategy consulting, conception and implementation is the basis for the development of practical software solutions with a strong benefit-orientation. This is what we are doing since more than 23 years with enthusiasm, passion and know-how.

Proficiency in using current IT technologies is the core competence of our company. We are spending much time and money for research and training every year to maintain this level. Besides, we are continuously on the trail of new trends that might be promising options for our customers.

IT technologies are for us only means to an end: We identify from a broad range of technologies the possibilities that optimally lead to the achievement of your objectives. In doing so, we sketch new ways and create innovative software solutions – that make a difference.

What we are doing

We love IT technologies and innovative software products. Since the foundation of the company in 1993, we expand our range of services continually and consistently. In doing so, we always include our customers in the creative process – everything is done in direct agreement and from a single source, starting with the first brainstorming up to the final implementation of the concepts.

Consulting, Planning, Management

We analyze your request systematically from different points of view and draft a sustainable implementation concept – for which we would be pleased to be responsible up to the implementation.

Analysis of requirements

First of all, we want to understand you. Who are the typical users? Which requirements are essential and which are secondary, which are feasible and make sense? This is the sort of questions we are going to work out together with you.

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Idea, conception

How can the requirements of the users be optimally fulfilled? How can we design them in a comprehensible and understandable way for the user? In the conception, we create the precondition for the development of a solution.

User experience

Every sort of application is more successful when the needs of the users are taken into account from the beginning. We achieve this goal by running surveys, interviews or usability tests of prototypes.

Programming & Implementation

Our developers write the code, test it and make it available for the team by using the code repository. This way, the planned software solution comes into existence, component by component.

Optimization & Operation

Seen from a temporary perspective, planning and implementation are the smallest parts of the lifecycle of an IT solution. In general, the daily operation has the leading part. We assist you in all issues around the operation of your solution.

66 Employees
1650 Realized projects
27426375 Lines of source code
2 Dogs
23 Age of the company
275 Know-how in technologies

Our tools and technologies

For most people, terms from the world of IT technology are foreign words. For us, they are daily life. Here are some key technologies and software tools we are using for our work:


Web platform for collaboration and document management


Java-based, extensive development system

Microsoft .NET

Development platform made available by Microsoft


State-of-the-art web standard, also for mobile devices


Javascript-based communication for the usability of websites


Standard for a clear separation of content and design in websites


Development framework for responsive web projects


Library with very useful Javascript and AJAX functions


Schema-free document-oriented database

MS SQL Server

Powerful database system from Microsoft


Performant framework from Google for client-side web applications


Server-side platform, construction and operation of network applications


Online service for Office from Microsoft

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft cloud computing platform


Native iPhone/iPad apps


Native apps for Android smartphones and tablets

Windows 10

Native apps for Windows 10 smartphones and desktops


Web applications for all devices, from smartwatch to desktop


Language for system and application programming


Script language from Microsoft


In parallel with our customer projects, we develop own tools and apps – not least in order to improve our skills and to gain valuable experience.

INOSOFT FragOmat is an example for a hybrid app development. With this tool, you can quickly and easily create opinion polls. There is a web version, as well as apps for iOS/Apple, Android and Windows 10. Each with a German, French and English user interface.

You will find further information at

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Our customers

In the past 21 years, we have helped many companies to benefit from the digital change. And tomorrow? We will develop solutions for our customers that are mainly one thing: benefit-oriented. Here an extract from our customer list:

Technology partners

How can we assist you?

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